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STS and Economics: An Informal History

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Friday, March 27, 2020
3:30 pm
E. Roy Weintraub
Economics and STS II

Talk by E. Roy Weintraub titled STS and Economics: An Informal History." Weintraub is a professor at Duke University in the Economics Department. Roy Weintraub was trained as a mathematician though his professional career has been as an economist. Beginning in the early 1980s, his research and teaching activities focused upon the history of the interconnection between mathematics and economics in the twentieth century.

Professor Weintraub's current research interests include, and his current projects involve, issues in the historiography of economics particularly the role of biography, autobiography, and letters.

This talk by an historian of economics will examine the currently fraught relationship between science studies and economics. The history of both their connection, and mutual disregard, are not well understood in either the economics or STS communities. Despite what is often assumed, historians of contemporary economics have engaged STS materials for years.

*Recommended reading: Lorraine Daston, "Science Studies and the History of Science" Critical Inquiry 35 (Summer 2009): 798-813. If you need a copy of this reading, please email Carolin Benack at to request a copy.

Contact: Carolin Benack