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MEMS Graduate Student Seminar: The Primacy of Learning: The Importance of the EDU-K Pedagogy and a Content Framework of Design in the Intellectual, Emotional, and Motivational Journey of Life-Long Learners

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Friday, February 21, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Dr. David Needham

Have you ever thought, "What is Learning?" What is the process by which you can learn most effectively with an outcome of you becoming an inventor and innovator? This presentation focuses on Four Basic Questions we might want to Ask and Answer:
¿What should students learn?
¿What are students are actually learning and can we measure it?
¿How should students Learn?
¿How do we disseminate and adopt what works?
Dr. Needham will answer these questions from my perspective informed from his own experiences with offering education to students "from TIP to TOP", i.e., from 12-16 year-olds in the Duke Talent Identification (TIP) programs, to 1st-4th year undergrads and grad students in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He will introduce his "EDU-K" pedagogy of learning, (Experiment, Discover, Uncover principles with experts, leading to your new Knowledge), hung on a Content Framework of Design by going through a process of Reverse Engineering problems that have already been solved.