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Afro-Feminist Performance Routes: Léna Blou Workshop

Léna Blou Workshop in the RAC
Léna Blou is one of the emblematic figures of Caribbean choreographic art. She remains an avant-garde to want to demonstrate the contemporaneity of the traditional dance of Guadeloupe (gwoka). For the whole of her career she was promoted by the French Government to the rank of Knight of the Legion of Honor and Officer of the National Order of Merit. As a dancer, choreographer, educator and dance researcher, she has been founder and director since 1990 of the Dance and Choreographic Studies Center and the company Trilogie in 1995.

This four-day "dialogue in movement" hosts five international dance artists from Africa and its Diasporas to catalyze a dialogue around creative practice, migration, and African philosophies, as they relate to and emerge from women's perspectives. Through dance workshops, artist presentations, performances, informal conversations, and a roundtable discussion, this gathering will coalesce artists, dancers, students, faculty, and local community to explore the many manners in which movement constitutes culture, embodied practice engenders place, and migration informs subjectivity and notions of belonging.

Contact: Shireen Dickson