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Radical System Art

Join ADF for a multimedia professional dance performance!

Choreographer and Radical System Art's artistic director Shay Kuebler's MOI-Momentum of Isolation is based on social isolation and loneliness, exploring objective and subjective experiences through the individual, the group, and modern society-a society with shifting values and an ever-advancing digital way of life. MOI places live interactive video and sound around the performers to shape a digital world on stage. These elements enhance ideas on how technology influences our lives and can empower and disempower us. Further distilling isolation, solo performances and the extended social isolation of one character on stage are critical to the arc of the performance. Within MOI, one character's interactions are only with inanimate objects. The inanimate world comes to life through puppeteering and stagecraft, highlighting how social isolation can disrupt our connection to reality. Our social bonds allow us to understand that we impact what is around us and that we exist.

Tickets on sale now!

Photo Credit: David Cooper Photography

Contact: Becca Gargiulo