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Chris Yon & Taryn Griggs

Join ADF for an immersive professional dance performance!

YOGGS FAMILY NEWSLETTER, 2014-present, is an immersive experience where the audience is led through the lobby of the Nasher Museum of Art by Chris Yon and Taryn Griggs alongside their daughter, Bea Yon. The audience is integrated into the trio as momentary chorus members to our family stories, dances, and drawing games. "Dance, for our family, is a parenthesis for life experience. Periods of our lives that we spent working on choreography coincide with periods of major things happening in our lives and the world." While the dances look "abstract" or non-narrative, this collection addresses how the trio captures experiences, creates memories, and attaches significance to when and where we dance together and who we meet along the way as part of our family story.

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Photo Credit: Zoe Litaker

Contact: Becca Gargiulo