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“Assessing Impact & Improving Effectiveness: Evaluation 101”

Eval 101
Thursday, June 27, 2024
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

This free virtual workshop is intended for community-based and serving entities (e.g., public, non-profit entities). We will provide attendees with a foundation in evaluation principles to help understand your organization's impact and improve effectiveness.


This workshop is geared towards non-profit, public, or community-based organizations/programs.

Topics covered will include:

When and why to conduct evaluation
Types of evaluation, including process and outcome
Steps in evaluation design, planning, and implementation
Tips for feasibility in a limited-resource environment

This session IS intended for non-profit, public, or community-based organizations/programs. For example, this may include direct service, advocacy, and related funding organizations.

This session IS NOT intended for:

Duke-based individuals. We do trainings during the academic year for Duke-affiliated individuals; this summer session is specifically for community-based entities; Organizational development or evaluation consultancies may be considered, but priority would be given to the primary intended participants.

Sponsored by:
Duke University Office Evaluation and Applied Research Partnership
Duke University Social Science Research Institute
Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Contact: Jess Sperling