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Last Ward: Yaa Samar! Dance Theater

Last Ward follows one man's journey towards death in a hospital room. Surrounded by the sterile mechanisms of modern medicine, the patient reflects on his life, relationships and connection to place, as the ritual of doctor visits and family calls transform into a surreal landscape of tragedy and humor. Beginning with a slow trickle tracked in by a shoe, the space eventually fills with soil: spilling out from inside flower pots and cabinets and from underneath the bed, a metaphor of impending death.

Last Ward blends dance and theater (featuring 5 monologues in Arabic with English supertitles) in a highly visual evening-length performance that tackles the universal experience of facing death, and invites audiences to reflect on the humanity of an Arab man, a demographic not often seen in the media or on stage, as simply human.

Contact: Yesenia Yanez