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Faith & Harmony / Dedicated Men of Zion

Group of women standing and sitting with white background. All dressed in black
Wednesday, September 18, 2024
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
2024 Duke Arts at American Tobacco Campus

Gospel is one of the quintessential musical genres of the American South. The artists in tonight's concert represent the true heart of this tradition: close-knit family groups who grew up singing together at church, driven by a love of music and faith.

Like their grandparents and parents before them, the women of Faith & Harmony began singing at their church in Greenville, NC when they were just toddlers. They officially formed the group in 2012 to solidify their commitment to carrying on the family's musical legacy. The Dedicated Men of Zion is also steeped in the gospel of Eastern North Carolina. While their church background infuses their music, their 2020 release Can't Turn Me Around was critically acclaimed by both sacred and secular audiences.

The 2024 Duke Arts at American Tobacco series features free live concerts every Wednesday in September at American Tobacco Campus in Downtown Durham. This year's concerts celebrate the roots of American music in celebration of 30 years of Music Maker Foundation.

The series is from Duke Arts Presents in partnership with American Tobacco Campus.

Contact: Yesenia Yanez