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Fight Night: Ontroerend Goed

Five candidates. Five rounds. Your vote. One winner.

As we barrel towards a divisive general election, the brilliant Belgian theater company Ontroerend Goed steps into the ring with a political performance that takes your focus off the issues and onto the nature of democracy itself. Without delving into any current events or specific ideologies, Ontroerend Goed's Fight Night is a funny and incisive examination of democracy, political passion, and free will.

In this interactive work of psychological theater, five performers (or "candidates") will engage in a variety of tactics and topics to win the evening's popular vote, collected through electronic voting devices held by each audience member. The performance takes shape as real-time election results come in - shifting who is on stage and revealing the unspoken thoughts and opinions of the people around you. No two evenings are alike.

Contact: Yesenia Yanez