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Screen/Society--"Heat" (Michael Mann, 1995) | New Restoration

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(Michael Mann, 1995, 170 min, USA, English, DCP)

Neil McCauley (Robert DeNiro) and his crew take down scores; Lt. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) and his detective squad track down criminals. The archetypal cops & robbers story explodes into a sprawling Los Angeles melodrama, detailing the complex inner lives and relationships of those who make crime their trade, as these two unstoppable forces collide. New 4K Restoration.

"Mann uses Los Angeles as a panorama of impermanence, where connections made in glassy modernist houses are as fleeting as brushes in diners, nightclubs, and hotels-emotional bonds flaring and fading like neon signs in the city's nocturnal topography. The greatest (unofficial) Western in two decades, Mann's dance of obsessed cops and taciturn criminals never fails to bring me to tears." - Fernando F. Croce

"One of the best-edited shoot-out scenes you'll ever see." - Adam Nayman

"'Heat' may have been billed as a cop thriller, but its timelessness rests on its portrait of broken men, the unfathomable patience of the women who love them, and the human wreckage they all leave behind. Twenty years later, it still breaks your heart." - Bilge Ebiri

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