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Hilliard Seigler Melanoma Consortium

In 1988, Dr. Hilliard Seigler organized the first Duke Melanoma Consortium.

For nearly 30 years patients, families, and friends have come to Durham on a yearly basis to learn about advances in melanoma. Dr. Seigler was a practicing melanoma surgeon at Duke University for over 40 years, he led groundbreaking research efforts in melanoma and dedicated his career to the care of patients and families with melanoma. Given his lifetime of commitment, we are pleased to announce that the event will now be formally known as the Hilliard Seigler Duke Melanoma Consortium, the Seig DMC.

The Seig DMC was originally formed by a group of laymen, physicians and researchers who have a common interest in melanoma research. The Consortium has a stated two-fold purpose:

1. Learn about innovative basic and clinical melanoma research programs both nationally and internationally.

2. Learn about basic and clinical melanoma programs at Duke University Medical Center.