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Realization of an Ultracold Gas of Group III Atoms

Travis Nicholson
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Travis Nicholson
Duke Physics Colloquium

Ultracold gases of neutral atoms are a leading quantum science platform. They are at the heart of super-accurate atomic clocks, novel quantum processing architectures, powerful quantum simulators, precise quantum sensors, and leading tests of fundamental physics. Nearly all this work has focused on three types of atoms (alkalis, alkaline earths, and dipolar lanthanides), leaving the majority of the Periodic Table unexplored in the ultracold regime. Here I will present our realization of an ultracold gas of a new type of atom, namely Main Group III of the Periodic Table, which are also known as the "triel elements". These particles have many capabilities that are only found in isolation in other atom
types. For example, triels have tunable two-body interactions, numerous magnetic orderings, interesting forms of many-body coupling, and the ability to be probed with the precision of an atomic clock. I will discuss how the combination of these capabilities together in a single system presents new opportunities
for quantum simulations of many-body systems.