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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Modern Poetry: A CMRS Roundtable

17th century female poet
Friday, October 28, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Kate Driscoll (Romance Studies), Roseen Giles (Music), Astrid Giugni (English and Digital Humanities), Julianne Werlin (English)

Terms like "interdisciplinary" and "multidisciplinary" have taken many forms in humanities-oriented discourse, and this roundtable on early modern poetry will provide a platform to discuss both how and why such practices occur in (and across) varying disciplines. Performance of poetical texts in speech and music, for instance, offers glimpses into social strata and geospatial mapping across urban centers. Themes of translation and transmutation abound in the artistic medium but also through the writers themselves. Contemplating micro- and macro-analyses, and the digital tools to facilitate such work, can inform methodologies that are developing alongside an increasingly "online" age of humanities scholarship.

This roundtable features newly developed research conducted by exemplary scholars who will discuss project creation, source analysis, and the state of the "interdisciplinary" within the worlds of institutional learning, academic publishing, and open-access resources. Following the event, presenters and participants are invited to socialize at Geer Street Garden in downtown Durham for drinks and comfort-food dinner (sponsored by CMRS).