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Celebrating Brazilian Hip Hop: Rational and Rooted

flyer for brazilian hip hop
Monday, November 13, 2023
All Day
Racionais MC

Brazil has charted an original path towards liberation over the last quarter century and Hip Hop, as a movement and as a commercial art forum, has played a vital role in advancing popular and Black struggles. Organized by a Bass Connections team of graduate and undergraduate students, this panel will introduce you to Racionais MCs, from São Paulo, who placed Hip Hop on the map in Brazil (subject of a recent Netflix documentary), and the Rooted Institute, a community organization on the urban periphery of Rio de Janeiro. Through regular slam poetry events, a reading library, media production facilities and a college preparatory exam course, the Rooted Institute promotes racial, social, and political awareness in a region of four million residents, two thirds of whom are African-descended and poor or working class. It is a beacon of hope and awareness for young people who face not only poverty but racism, classism and stigmatization.

Sponsored by "Hip Hop Pedagogies: Education for Citizenship in Brazil and the United States." a Bass Connections Project co-sponsored by Duke and North Carolina Central University.

Contact: John French