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Screen/Society--"Slash/Back" (Nyla Innuksuk, 2022)

Film screening:

(Nyla Innuksuk, 2022, 86 min, Canada, Digital)

First Nations Film & Video Festival

The debut feature from Iqaluit-raised director Nyla Innuksuk, SLASH/BACK packs a vivid and thrilling punch, as a girl gang in Pangnirtung, Nunavut is left to fight off a supernatural apocalypse. Employing strategies from their favorite horror movies, weapons from their kitchens, and power from their friends, the girls must battle a mysterious alien force to save their home. SLASH/BACK presents a promising young cast and a vibrant portrait of resilience, friendship, and what it means to fight for community.

"Thanks to the breezy chemistry between its largely Inuit cast, SLASH/BACK has an endearing charm that is hard to resist. From a first-time film-maker, this is a fresh, entertaining update on well-worn tropes." - Phuong Le, The Guardian

"SLASH/BACK seems bound to find a cult following, but it will mean the most to Inuit audiences, for whom standing up to invaders is more than just another genre-movie cliché. - Peter Debruge, Variety

Contact: Hank Okazaki