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Workshop: Location Sound Recording for Film

Location Sound Recording
Sunday, March 03, 2024
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Steve Milligan
Duke Cinematic Arts Filmcraft Workshop Series

This workshop covers the unique tasks of recording sound for moving pictures, especially those which separate it from other forms of sound recording. Students learn the implications of microphone pattern and selection. A variety of body miking techniques, accessories and expendables are demonstrated. Special consideration is given to wireless systems. Boom handling and technique are covered in detail. Students learn recorder and mixer setup, gain structuring, and proper monitoring. Overmodulation, proximity effects, off-mic quality, and phasing are demonstrated, with headphones. Students are taught slating, scratch track, and other production practices, in the interest of facilitating syncing, foleying, automatic dialog recording, and other post-production tasks.

Contact: Steve Milligan