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Collaboration Between Researchers and Operational Innovators: Diffusing New Practices Across the VA Healthcare System

Dr. George L. Jackson
Thursday, January 27, 2022
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
George L. Jackson, PhD, MHA, Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences
Population Health Sciences Research Seminar

Dr. George L. Jackson will discuss the linkage between innovation and research in learning health systems and the process of diffusing of innovations across large healthcare systems. Dr. Jackson will shed light on:

•How most large health systems and medical schools have formed innovation centers or programs separate from traditional research programs.

•How innovation programs focus on improving operations of health systems and/or commercializing products, while research focuses on producing generalizable knowledge to address health challenges.

•How specific activities of the VA Innovation Ecosystem are to develop, identify, replicate, and spread promising innovations in the VA, provide an implementation science-based evaluation of this process, and bolster efforts for further linkage between the VA Innovation Ecosystem and Office of Research & Development (i.e., traditional peer-reviewed research).

•How opportunities for collaboration between innovation programs and traditional researchers, as well as their distinctive roles, are important to develop and maintain for the success of learning health systems.

Discussant: Suresh Balu, Program Dir., Duke Institute of Healthcare Innovation and Assoc. Dean for Innovation and Partnership, Duke Univ. School of Medicine, will provide reflections on the role of innovation and research at Duke.

Zoom Info: ID: 928 9458 9522


George L. Jackson, PhD, MHA, Prof. in Duke's Dpt. of Population Health Sciences, Dpt. of Medicine (Division of General Infernal Medicine), and Dpt. of Family Medicine and Community Health is a healthcare epidemiologist and implementation scientist. He co-teaches evidence-based practice for the Duke Physician Assistant Program and is a Research Health Scientist with the Center of Innovation to Accelerate Discovery and Practice Transformation (also known as ADAPT) at the Durham Veterans Affairs Health Care System, where he leads the Implementation and Improvement Science Lab/Core.

Dr. Jackson's research focuses on the development, implementation, and evaluation of team-based systems for the treatment and prevention of chronic conditions. Specifically, he develops and evaluates structures to identify, replicate, and spread innovative practices within learning health systems. Dr. Jackson has collaborated closely with the VA, Duke, and DoD healthcare systems with the goal of linking research and quality improvement.

Contact: Wendy Goldstein