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Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny
Wednesday, February 09, 2022
8:00 pm

When Pat Metheny landed on the international jazz scene in 1974, he quickly became known for his unique rhythmic and harmonic sensibility, bolstered by a tendency to phrase melodies like a horn player and innovate with new technology. When his debut album Bright Sized Lifecame out in 1975, people credited Metheny with steering the jazz genre in a new direction.

For some artists, that would've been enough. But forty-six years later, Metheny is still refining his craft, redefining the guitar and improvisational music, and using his platform to lift up and mentor others - and his new touring group, Side-Eye, ticks all three boxes.

With Side-Eye, the guitarist has designed a setting through which he can collaborate with and feature young artists that have piqued his ears along the way, and whom he "felt some kind of kinship with." Tonight's iteration of Side-Eye features Metheny, along with twenty-five-year-old New York-based keyboardist James Francies and thirty-year-old New Orleans native and drummer Joe Dyson.


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