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Chemistry Seminar Presented by Tian Qin "Into the Next Dimension: Pharmaceutically Relevant sp3-Rich Scaffolds"

Tian Qin
Tuesday, February 06, 2024
11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Tian Qin, Univ. of TX Southwestern Medical Center
Chemistry Seminar Series

The Department of Chemistry is excited to host Tian Qin (UT Southwestern Medical Center) To learn more about the Qin lab's work, please visit their research page:

Into the Next Dimension: Pharmaceutically Relevant sp3-Rich Scaffolds

Infinite chemical space provides boundless opportunities for medicinal chemists, within which three-dimensional scaffolds with drug-like properties are particularly sought after. The past decade has witnessed growing interests in novel chemical space of saturated bioisosteres such as bicyclo[1.1.1]pentanes (BCPs) and cyclopropyl trifluoromethyl group, medicinally relevant motifs as a three-dimensional bioisosteric replacement of aromatic moieties and tert-butyl groups. Our group develops a series of novel approaches to accessing multi-substituted BCPs, natural products, and other C(sp3) bioisosteres containing pharmaceutically relevant scaffolds.

Hosted by Steve Malcolmson