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Low-Resource Landscaping Series: Covering Ground with Plants

a woodland garden and stream with fall colors, and Duke Gardens logo
Friday, November 10, 2023
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Shannon Currey, Izel Native Plants

Gardens are often designed in ways that require significant resources-water, fertilizer, pesticides, fuel and labor. In this in-person class with Shannon Currey, of Izel Native Plants, learn how to minimize these inputs and create a garden that instead adds ecological benefits while building resilience. This installment in our low-resource landscaping series focuses on native plants for groundcovers. We'll talk about creating a living mulch that competes with weeds, reduces runoff and erosion, and provides support for wildlife. The goal is to add big benefits while reducing inputs. During this classroom session, you'll learn about the strategies plants use to compete and cover ground, discuss species to look for in the winter landscape for inspiration, and work through how to make smart choices in your landscape. Meet in the classroom inside the Doris Duke Center.

Fee: $22; 20% discount for Duke Gardens members with discount code. Registration is at Parking fees apply ($2/hr.). Information: 919-668-1707,