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[*CANCELED*] Screen/Society--"Frantz Fanon, trajectoire d’un révolté " (Mathieu Glissant and Audrey Marion, 2021)

Friday, October 06, 2023
7:00 pm
New Releases / Global Cinema

**CANCELED--This event will be rescheduled in the Spring 2024 semester!**

[This event has been canceled due to circumstances beyond our control, and will be rescheduled next semester.]

Film screening:

"Frantz Fanon, trajectoire d'un révolté"
(Mathieu Glissant and Audrey Marion, 2021, 53 min, France, French with English subtitles, Digital)

Presented by the Franklin Humanities Institute's Entanglement: Ecologies of Knowledges Lab.

A documentary on Frantz Fanon, whose life and work embodies all the issues of French colonial history. A Martinican resistance fighter, he enlisted, like millions of colonial soldiers, in the Free Army out of loyalty to France and the idea of freedom that it embodied for him. As a writer, he participated in the bubbling life of Saint-Germain with Césaire, Senghor and Sartre, debating tirelessly on the destiny of colonized peoples. As a doctor, he revolutionized the practice of psychiatry, seeking in the relations of domination of colonial societies the foundations of the pathologies of his patients in Blida. And as an activist, he brought together through his action and his history, the anger of peoples crushed by centuries of colonial oppression. He has left an incomparable body of work which has made him one of the most studied French authors across the Atlantic.

COVID-19 Info: Masking is optional; fully vaccinated status strongly encouraged. (See our website for details.)

Contact: Hank Okazaki