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Stress First Aid Training

The overarching aim of Stress First Aid (SFA) is to identify and mitigate the negative impacts of stress before they impair health and well-being. The SFA model is based on five evidence-informed factors that help people recover from stress and adversity. These include the need for safety, calm, connection, sense of competence or self-efficacy, and hope.

What is SFA?

Stress First Aid is a peer support training designed to provide participants with a tool kit on how to perform a timely safety assessment and response when they suspect a co-worker or peer needs support. SFA trains peers to recognize and communicate about suspected psychological injuries with individuals with the goals of preserving lives, preventing further harm, and promoting recovery.

These training sessions will require a 4-hour time commitment from 9 a.m.-Noon and to watch a 1-hour video prior to attending the training.

Contact: DUSON Student Success Center