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How Migration Really Works: Changing the Migration Narrative

Hein de Haas is a professor of sociology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), a founding member and co-director of the International Migration Institute (IMI) at the University of Oxford, and a professor of migration and development at the University of Maastricht. He continues directing IMI from its current home at UvA.

His new book, "How Migration Really Works: A Factful Guide to the Most Divisive Issue in Politics," published Nov. 2023, explodes myths espoused by both left and right that politicians, interest groups and media regularly spread about migration.

His research focuses on long-term trends, causes and impacts of international migration in origin and destination societies. His publications cover a wide range of issues, including theories of migration, the causes of migration, migration and development, the effectiveness of migration policies, the links between climate change, environmental change and migration, as well as issues around racism, identity and transnationalism.

Contact: Nicole Filippo