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Screen/Society -- 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival Traveling Tour – Program #1

61st Ann Arbor Film Festival Traveling Tour - Program #1

Established in 1963, the Ann Arbor Film Festival is the oldest avant garde and experimental film festival in North America. In 2023, the festival featured 46 programs with over 170 films from nearly 40 countries of all lengths and genres, including experimental, animation, documentary, narrative, hybrid, and performance based works. Join us for a screening of Program #1.

Program #1:

Parasite Family (Prapat Jiwarangsan, 2022, Bangkok, Thailand, 5 min)
2cent / 10coil (Monteith McCollum, 2022, Binghamton, NY, 10 min)
Eclipsis (Tania Hernández Velasco, 2022, Mexico City, Mexico, 16 min)
Daron, Daron Colbert (Kevin Edward Steen, 2022, Detroit, MI, 14 min)
Language Unknown (Janelle VanderKelen, 2022, Milwaukee, WI / Barcelona, Spain, 7 min)
Arrest in Flight (Adrian Flury, 2021, Zug, Switzerland, 8 min)
Diomysus (Emily Elizabeth Morus-Jones, 2022, Bangor, UK, 5 min)
rough cut botanical (Wendy Kirkup, 2022, Glasgow, UK, 8 min)

Total run time: 79 min.

Contact: Hank Okazaki