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Alternative Credentials and Modularity as Innovative Learning Pathways

Alternative Credentials and Modularity as Innovative Learning Pathways
Friday, April 12, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Noah Geisel
Emerging Pedagogies Spring Webinar Series

Alternative credentials (AC) which are high-quality, portable, and recognizable inside and outside of an institution of higher education can make visible the discrete skills, knowledge, and mindsets acquired by learners. The ability ACs provide to deconstruct and name not only large areas of content knowledge but also the more elusive yet highly sought after "soft" or "human" skills is a boon to students and employers alike. Pedagogically, ACs offer an opportunity for faculty to think deeply and creatively about learning outcomes across projects and assignments rather than entire semesters only, even integrating experiential learning that occurs beyond classroom walls. Further, due to their modular nature, the stackability of ACs can illustrate for students numerous learning pathways to achieving a specific goal, certificate, or even degree. Whether by providing on-ramps to courses or certificates, allowing non-graduating students to demonstrate-and eventually complete-their learning, or providing learner voice and choice, ACs are harbingers of a more equitable, student-centered, and creative way to assess and credential learning.

In the second of three webinars in the series "Imagining the Innovative University of the Future," join us for a conversation about the future of alternative credentials with Noah Geisel, Micro-Credentials Program Manager in the Office of the Registrar, University of Colorado Boulder and Duke alumnus.