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Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE

Join ADF for a performance by a renowned professional dance company!

Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE returns to ADF with Upside Down, a strongly African work about loss and growth out of loss, an excerpt from the evening-length work Destiny. Open Door provides a journey into Afro-Cuban social and traditional dance forms embodying the music of Arturo O'Farrill's Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble. The dancers lead on a path full of celebration, culture, and joy through dances of the Orisha and salsa, fueled and propelled by musical compositions. The Equality of Night and Day (TEND) is a sizzling emotional work that tackles his recurrent themes of social injustice and racism. Brown seeks to break open truth, not from anger but with a gentle focus-a sensitivity and steadfastness that draws on history. The program will also feature community members performing All I Do, an excerpt from On Earth Together.

Tickets on sale now!

Photo credit: Ellen Crane Photography

Contact: Becca Gargiulo