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Join ADF for a performance by a renowned professional dance company!

This summer, Pilobolus is bringing its Re:CREATION tour to ADF, presenting a dynamic collection of dance pieces-daring experiments and groundbreaking new collaborations alongside the classics that have altered the landscape of dance and theater. Walklyndon, a seminal piece in Pilobolus's repertoire, is an all-time favorite that captures the playful essence of the company's early days. The themes of youth, playfulness, and bawdy humor give way to a sophisticated narrative in Untitled, leaving the audience in awe of a theatrical work where contrasts coalesce into an unnamable and meaningful art form. Behind the Shadows tells a poignant and mysterious story using Pilobolus' famous shadow dance technique, with moving illusions and surreal narrative. Thresh|Hold, a collaboration with the Venezuelan-born and acclaimed Latinx director, choreographer, and designer Javier De Frutos, is a physically daring quintet with psychedelic shifts in time and emotionally charged choreography. Tales from the Underworld, a new creation, harnesses the creative energy and collaborative spirit that defines Pilobolus, as the performance weaves together stories that reveal profound connections through elements of horror, humor, and revelation.

Tickets on sale now!

Photo credit: Grant Halverson

Contact: Becca Gargiulo