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Duke Humanities in Medicine Club Presents Dr. Daniel Saurborn

Headshot of Dr. Daniel Saurborn
Sunday, April 21, 2024
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Dr. Daniel Saurborn
Duke HuMed Event

Duke Humanities in Medicine (HuMed) Celebrations is sponsoring an event featuring Dr. Daniel Saurborn, physician-entrepreneur, Duke Biomedical Engineering and English double major graduate, and the founder of numerous telehealth companies. These companies include Radiology 24/7 (a leading provider of medical imaging services), PrayerSpark (a novel platform to send prayers and positive affirmations to anyone in the world regardless of religious affiliation), and Arete World Enterprises (developer of iSurvive personal safety app, myQuitTime smoking cessation app, and SunMinder skin cancer prevention app). Dr. Saurborn will discuss how his Engineering and English major helped him on his career trajectory in a talk titled: Creative Writing, Crypto, and CAT scans. Free bagels and coffee will be provided in addition to audience Q&A + networking opportunities with Dr. Saurborn.

Sign up to attend the event on April 21 from 2pm-4pm here:

Contact: Rebecca Arian