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ECE SEMINAR: Computing with Ferroelectric: A Journey from Beyond-CMOS Technology to Beyond von-Neumann Architectures

Hussam Amrouch
Thursday, September 08, 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Hussam Amrouch, Jun.-Professor heading the Semiconductor Test and Reliability (STAR) department within the University of Stuttgart

DNNs largely overwhelm conventional computing systems because the latter is severely bottlenecked by the data movement between processing units and memory. As a result, novel and intelligent computing systems become more and more inevitable. In this talk, I will be focusing on the emerging ferroelectric (FeFET) technology and its great potential in building efficient in-memory computing architectures. I will explain how abstracted reliability models can be developed from device physics to circuits and later employed at the system and algorithm levels towards realizing HW/SW codesign for robust in-memory computing. Further, I will also discuss how FeFET-based in-memory computing outstandingly synergizes with Binarized Neural Networks (BNNs) and brain-inspired Hyperdimensional Computing (HDC) in which reliable machine learning can be realized on unreliable emerging beyond-CMOS technologies.

Hussam Amrouch is a Jun.-Professor heading the Semiconductor Test and Reliability (STAR) department within the University of Stuttgart. He received his Ph.D. degree with the highest distinction (summa cum laude) from KIT in 2015. He currently serves as Editor at the Nature Portfolio for the Nature Scientific Reports Journal. He has around 190 publications (including 76 journals, one of them in Nature SR) in multidisciplinary research areas across the computing stack, starting from semiconductor device physics to circuit design all the way up to computer architecture. His main research interests are design for reliability from device physics to systems, machine learning for CAD, HW security, and emerging technologies with a special focus on ferroelectric devices. He has given more than 10 tutorials in top EDA conferences such as DAC, DATE, ICCAD and more than 25 invited talks in many international universities and EDA companies like Synopsys. He is a reviewer in many top journals such as Nature Electronics, TED, TC, TCAS-I, etc. His research in HW security and circuit reliability have been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), Advantest Corporation, and the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR).

PASSCODE: 521339

Contact: Matthew Novik