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Screen/Society--"Pieces" (Juan Piquer Símon, 1982)

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(Juan Piquer Símon, 1982, 89 min, Spain and USA, 35mm)

Deemed "the sickest and most violent of all 80's slashers" by Grindhouse Releasing, PIECES packs enough splatter and sleaze to shock the most jaded horror fan.

"One of my top horror films of all time! Not only is this the ultimate chainsaw movie, it's the ultimate slasher film. It has everything you could possibly want, by the bucketful. Full on chainsaw violence, absurd amounts of nudity, and the greatest ending in horror history. A masterpiece of early 80's sleaze." - Eli Roth, director of CABIN FEVER and HOSTEL

"PIECES is a work of manic inspiration whose weirdest and wildest moments are strangely as integral as the ones bound indelibly to its utterly conventional plot. It's silly, it's absurd, it makes no sense, and whole scenes come and go without a link to anything else in the film, but it may be some of the most fun you'll have being scared at the movies." - IGN

Contact: Hank Okazaki