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  • Comparative Visualization of Ensembles

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    Visualization Friday Forum


    Femi Alabi, UNC-CH Computer Science


    The VIS Group, Computer Science, Libraries, Pratt School of Engineering, and Visual Studies Initiative

    LSRC D106 - Map


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    Zoss, Angela





    By definition, an ensemble is a set of surfaces or volumes derived from a series of simulations or experiments. Sometimes the series is run with differing initial conditions for one parameter to determine parameter sensitivity. The understanding and identification of visual similarities and differences among the shapes of members of an ensemble is an acute and growing challenge for researchers across the physical sciences. In order to analyse the geometries resulting from these simulations and the effect changing parameters exert on their formation, one must first decide how to present the ensemble to a form that is digestible by the researcher while simultaneously keeping the human in the loop in order for he/she to freely explore the effect parameter changes on shapes in their data. This talk will cover work that is being done at UNC-Chapel Hill on techniques for exploring, describing and summarizing generic shape trends in geometric ensemble space. A methodology for deciding common goals and tasks for exploring geometric ensembles will be presented as well as prior work on a novel single image view to facilitate simultaneous analysis of one such task: surface comparison.

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