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"Experiments From a Black Queer Feminist Future"

A group of black womxen cheer and clap at the Black Youth Project 100 National Convening. Photo taken by Christopher Jason.
Thursday, August 29, 2019
All Day
Multiple Artists

"Experiments From a Black Queer Feminist Future" is a multi-artist exhibition organized by Courtney Sebring with Courtney Reid-Eaton and Amber Delgado. Incorporating multiple mediums, the interactive exhibit is "an homage to the legacy of resistance and freedom experiments" in Durham that invites conversation and connection.

The exhibit includes contributions from Amber Delgado, Azzan Quick, Black Feminist Bookmobile, Black Mama's Bailout, BYP 100, Christopher Jason, Courtney Reid-Eaton, Courtney Sebring, Katina Parker, and SONG.

Contact: CDS Front Desk