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Toward First-principles simulation of the real-time dynamics of QCD - classical and quantum approaches

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Tuesday, October 05, 2021
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Yukari Yamauchi (University of Maryland)
Triangle Nuclear Theory Colloquium

In heavy-ion physics, phenomenological models along with hydrodynamics have successfully described the dynamics of QCD in the strongly-coupled regime. Some of the transport coefficients in the hydrodynamic description of QCD, such as the shear viscosity, could be computed naturally on a quantum computer. I will discuss building blocks of the quantum computation for the shear viscosity.
Since sufficiently large quantum computers are unlikely to be available in the near future, it is important to explore approaches to the computation of transport coefficients on classical computers. Transport coefficients are naively difficult to obtain from first principles on a classical computer due to the sign problem. One way to address sign problems is to deform the contour of integration in the path integral to the complex plane. I will explain the conjectured existence of such deformed contours that solve the sign problem completely for a certain class of actions, and discuss numerical methods to find such contours.

- this lecture will be virtual, zoom info TBA -

Contact: Steffen A. Bass