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Shame of Chicago, Shame of the Nation: Episode 1 Premiere, "The Color Tax"

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Thursday, April 18, 2024
10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Shame of Chicago, Shame of the Nation

Shame of Chicago is a four-part documentary series that lays bare the story of how Chicago devised the nation's most sweeping system of racially segregated housing-and how it diminished the lives of generations of Black families, creating the vast racial wealth gap that persists to this day.

Told by the people who experienced it, the journalists who documented it, and the scholars who've studied it, this series unpacks a pivotal part of American history that textbooks often gloss over or leave out entirely. Centering Black voices and experiences, the series also brings to life the resistance Black Chicagoans mounted throughout the 20th century in the face of systemic and often violent discrimination in the private sector and at nearly every level of government. The series shows how these policies provided the model for other American cities and towns, such that the wealth gap between Blacks and whites deepened throughout the country.

This is more than just a documentary series. It's an urgent educational tool that will open eyes, join hearts, spark debate, and inspire action. Each episode is designed to stand alone for classroom and community use, as it unfurls a key part of a riveting larger history.


Episode 1, titled "The Color Tax", will be airing Thursday, April 18 at 9pm CT/10pm EST on VON TV:

Our platform is available on, the WVON App, Apple TV+, Roku, and Amazon Fire. Weekly episodes will release every Thursday through May 9 and be available on VON TV to stream.

Shame of Chicago, Shame of the Nation is a production of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University in association with the Chicago Video Project and WVON: The Talk of Chicago.

Contact: Amber Holland