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AAAS Town Hall: Reparations Now? Looking at Racial Wealth Inequality in a Time of Authoritarianism

AAAS Town Hall 2018: Reparations Now?
Monday, September 03, 2018
5:30 pm
AAAS Town Hall

The Department of African and African American Studies (AAAS) at Duke University will kick off the 2018 academic year with a town hall forum on reparations co-organized by Professors William "Sandy" Darity and Wahneema Lubiano.

Panelists will address the question: What might come of public dialogue around the question of reparations for African Americans in the era of the Trump regime with its continual attacks on the press and dissemination of knowledge, and while there is a Republican-controlled Congress?

William A. Darity, Jr.
Duke Sanford School of Public Policy, Departments of African & African American Studies, and Economics

Laurent DuBois
Duke Department of History

Malik C. Edwards
NCCU School of Law

Amber Hendley
Duke Departments of Economics and Political Science

Andrew Lee
Duke Department of Computer Science

Wahneema Lubiano
Duke Department of African & African American Studies

Joseph Winters
Duke Departments of Religious Studies and African & African American Studies