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Methods Lab: Empire, Incorporatd

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Monday, November 13, 2023
12:45 pm - 2:15 pm
Phil Stern
Methods Labs

Empire, Incorporated (Harvard University Press, 2023). Book conversation with Phil Stern on The Corporations That Built British Colonialism.

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Praise for Empire, Inc.:

"Empire, Incorporated offers a refreshingly new take on British imperialism...[It] is a remarkably comprehensive account of how― from the reigns of Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, and from some of the earliest plantation projects in Ireland to the Falklands War― corporations have played a defining role in the British Empire." ―Dinyar Patel, Los Angeles Review of Books

"The genius of Empire, Incorporated lies in weaving a coherent narrative that is at once solid and lucid, explaining how corporations are structured and how they ended up ruling the world, creating empires... Scholarly, engaging, and entertaining." ―Salil Tripathi, Mekong Review

"Stern is a tireless researcher and an accomplished explainer of geopolitical and financial matters. This is a consequential reconsideration of the history of colonialism." ―Publishers Weekly

Contact: Craig Kolman