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Indigenous Cinema and Translation

image from a film showing an indigenous Amazonian man with black hair and brown skin, holding his hands apart and up, wearing a green t-shirt, talking, with the caption "Our day is the night of the bats! They were sleeping, but we messed with them." - Event text overlaid on top of the photo.
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Roberto Romero

- a conversation with Roberto Romero - the first event in the Amazon Lab's seminar series on the Amazon, "Translation, Media, and Cosmopolitics."

Wed., 9/27/23, 12pm-1:00pm EST

Hybrid (In-person and Zoom). Registration required! Register for in-person event here (at Amazon Lab, lunch provided):

Or register for Zoom event here:

Roberto Romero is an anthropologist, translator and filmmaker. He is currently a postdoc fellow in the "Singing and healing the land" project (CNPq/UFSB/UFMG) and a member of the Hãmhi - Terra Viva (Living Land) project. He is co-director of the film "Nũhũ yãgmũ yõg hãm: this land is our land" (2020).

Roberto Romero's presentation will be followed with a discussion facilitated by Jamille Pinheiro Dias (Univ. of London) and Gustavo Procopio Furtado (Duke).

Co-sponsored by the Duke Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Contact: Eli Meyerhoff