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Global Brazil Conference 2017

For more information, visit the link below or email us at

8.30-9:00AM Light Breakfast
9AM-9:15: Welcome
9:15-10:15: Gladys Mitchell-Walthour (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), "The Increasing Saliency of Race in Brazil and What the Future Holds"
10:15-11AM: The Politics of Reform and Reaction: Higher Education and Domestic Work Led by John D. French (History, African & African-American Studies)
11AM-11:30: Coffee Break NATURE
11:30-12:30PM: Jacob Blanc (University of Wisconsin-Madison), "Land, Legitimacy, and Dictatorship: The ItaipĂș Dam and the Visibility of Rural Brazil"
12:30-1:30PM: Lunch provided.
1:30-2:15PM: ItaipĂș Post-2023: The Next 50 Years of Sustainable Development A Research Team Report led by Christine Folch (Cultural Anthropology)
2:15-2:30PM: Coffee Break
2:30-3:00PM Christopher Dunn (Tulane University), "Cold War, Consumerism, and Counterculture in Authoritarian Brazil"
3:00-4:00: Conversation on Pop Art and Freedom with Chris Dunn Led by Esther Gabara (Romance Studies, Art, Art History, and Visual Studies)
4-4:30PM: Coffee break
4:30- 5:00PM: Interdisciplinary Humanities Scholarship: Global Brazil and What Is to Come
5:00-6:30 PM Musical Presentation