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Intersections: Asian, African, and African American Histories

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Thursday, September 28, 2023
2:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Don Wyatt (Middlebury College); Sucheta Mazumdar (Duke); Anne Whisnant (Duke); Cheryl Xue Dong (Bowling Green University); Matthew Hayes (Duke)

What does the writing of world history look like when African and African American histories of global and local presence and engagement are placed at the center of the conversation? This workshop explores this question from three different locations: China and Asia, the US, and African American and Asian-Asian American dialogues.

Session 1:
**2-pm-3.45 pm: "Silk Roads-Maritime Lanes, Forgotten Passages: Southern Asia and Africa"**

2:00-2:15 Welcome and Introductions: Sucheta Mazumdar and Anne Whisnant

2:15-3:00 pm Keynote Address: Don Wyatt (Middlebury College): Blacks in Premodern China

3:00-3:45 pm Roundtable: The Southern Silk Roads-Maritime Lanes: Comments on Asian Maritime Lanes and the Slave Trade by James Anderson (UNCG) Xiaolin Duan (NC State) Sucheta Mazumdar (Duke)

**3.45--5 pm: Public History: Roads, Monuments and Southern Pasts**

3.45 pm.-4.30 pm Anne Whisnant, (Duke), and Cheryl Xue Dong, (Bowling Green University): "Public History, African Americans and the Blue Ridge Parkway"

4.30-5 pm. Matthew Hayes: "Denshо̄ ('Legacies'): Introducing a Japanese American History Digital Archive with a Focus on an Arkansas Incarceration Camp"
Questions and / Comments: Public History and Digital Sites

5.15 pm: Exhibit Opening: Global Engagements: Asian, African American and Asian American Dialogues (Curator: Sucheta Mazumdar, Assistant Curators: Alta Zhang, and Colleen Pesci)

Contact Dr. Sucheta Mazumdar ( with questions.
Event co-sponsored by: APSI; Franklin Humanities Institute; *Asian American Diaspora Studies; Graduate Liberal Studies; *African and African American Studies