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Angolan Combat Games Workshops: Capoeira Connections from Angola to Brazil

Book Launch and Performance, Thursday, March 2, 6:300-8:30pm, Rubenstein Arts Center Lounge
Friday, March 03, 2023
1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Edielson Da Silva Miranda, Júlio Janquinda Moniz, Katya Wesolowski
Capoeira Connections from Angola to Brazil

Capoeira Connections
from Angola to Brazil
March 1-3, 2023
RubensteinArt Center
Duke University

Angolan Combat Games Workshops March 1st & 3rd 1:45-3:00 (RAC 124)
Capoeira Angola Workshops March 1st & 3rd 3:30-4-45 (RAC 201)
Performance and Book Launch Party March 2nd 6:30-8:30pm (RAC Lounge)

Angola and Brazil have a deep connection forged by the tragedy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The earliest enslaved peoples brought to Brazil by the Portuguese came from West Central Africa. These Africans brought with them their languages, cuisines, religions and expressive practices that had a foundational and lasting impact on Brazilian culture. This event explores the connection between Angola and Brazil through the combat game of capoeira. A blend of fight, dance, ritual and percussive music, capoeira has deep roots in Angola, was developed in Brazil, and today is globally popular. This three day event includes movement and music workshops in Angolan combat games and capoeira with guest artist-teachers from Angola and Brazil, as well as a book launch party and performance. All events are free and open to the Duke and wider community.

Katya Wesolowski (Lecturing Fellow in Cultural Anthropology and Dance, Duke University) is the author of Capoeira Connections, a multi-sited ethnographic memoir that draws on her decades of experience as a practitioner, researcher and instructor of capoeira.

Mestre Roxinho (Edielson Da Silva Miranda) is a master of capoeira angola and the founder of the international NGO, Bantu Institute. His new book Ginga of Resilience chronicles his thirty years working with capoeira angola as a tool for overcoming trauma.

Cahuenha (Julio Janquinda Moniz) is a capoeirista and artist from Luanda, Angola. His performances integrate spoken word, capoeira, and Angolan music and movement.

Contact: Katya Wesolowski